Zetamari Mosaic Artworks

Zetamari Mosaic Artworks
503 N 62nd Street
Seattle WA
Booth: 502

Company Description:

I have been creating mosaics in Seattle, Washington for private collections, galleries, and public spaces since 1998 and have enjoyed every minute of it.

I create indoor/outdoor birdhouses, garden flowers, and interior mirror frames of intricate hand-shaped sparkling glass tiles and beads that are often inspired by the rhythm and symmetry of Moroccan art and architecture.

My passion for this ancient art form led me to study with masters in Italy, Spain, and the US, who instilled in me a pride of workmanship expressed in each hand-crafted piece.

I aspire to bring the joy of spirit I feel with the creation of each piece to the home of others.

Product Images:

Functional indoor/outdoor birdhouses. This birdhouse is completely waterproof, has a clean-out door, drain holes, mounting pole, and is very sturdy. It can be displayed indoors or outdoors. 6.75" wide, 6.25" deep, 15" high<br /><br />
Metal garden flower with glass mosaic centers. The flowers come with a removable stake and can also be hung on any indoor or outdoor surface. <br />
21in diameter Mandala Mirror. Glass beads, glass tiles, and metal. Very light and easy to hang. Indoor only. $600

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