The Gate Lever

The Gate Lever
P.O. Box 1511
Woodinville WA
Booth: 2350


Company Description:

The Gate Lever is a simple solution to the unreachable gate latch. Easy to install, attractive, dependable and durable. No more getting stuck outside or inside of your yard.

Manufactured in Washington. Patent pending.

"This gate lever is so great! First, I am a not-very-handy person and I installed it in 10 minutes. Second, how did I function without this? Before it would take reaching over and feeling all around before I could find the latch. Now the lever is right there in plain site and so easy to push. I will be putting this on ever gate I ever own. Brian (Website)"

"Absolutely love that its makes it so easy to open the gate but invisible if you don't know where it is at. Ashley (Website)"

"Liked this product I bought another! Easy to install and operate. K-Diggity (Amazon)"

"Most clever solution to opening a back gate. Especially, for those who no longer want to reach over a gate to open it. Prefect for kids and short adults. James(Amazon)"

Product Images:

Easy press of The Side Post Lever to open the gate rather than having to look for, find and reach over to undo the gate latch.
Customer built a new gate next to his house, but could not get into the backyard without going through the house. The Front Post Lever opens the gate in a snap.
This combination has been popular for Airbnb's and vacation rentals. In this case the customer wanted to easily open his gate while carrying groceries. A new straight lever is coming soon!
Prior to this Front Post Lever installation, the homeowner had to go  through the garage to get into the yard. The lever is out of sight yet easily opens the gate latch for the homeowner with a simple press.
Why reach through when you can press a lever? The Side Post Lever can also be hidden behind your fence boards on your fence. Stealthy!


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