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Taber Studios
1442A Walnut Street #77
Berkeley CA
Booth: 1110

Company Description:

Taber Studios create refined jewelry collections reflecting simple sophistication and elegance, while promoting the most sustainable, and ethical, jewelry making practices currently available. Using 18k Fairmined gold, recycled silver, recycled diamonds, Fairtrade sapphires, lab grown Moissanite diamonds, and 14k gold-filled wire, each one of our pieces is carefully designed and hand-crafted so that you can be proud to support the development of cleaner studio practices and the most ethically sourceable materials on the planet.

The simple elegance of our jewelry can be worn to compliment the most formal attire or to highlight distinctive everyday styles with equal grace and beauty. With a combined 70 years of jewelry making experience, our artisan craftsmen combine their sculptural knowledge with a careful understanding of the human form to give you a piece that will optimize and enhance your natural beauty. By combining recycled, repurposed and responsibly mined materials, with the safest metallurgical techniques, our pieces further exhibit an unparalleled beauty both inside and out.

Please come in and browse our gallery. Find unique fine jewelry items to wear for your next special occasion, or a meaningful gift for a friend or loved one from our Classics Collection. Show off your forward-thinking sense of style with Taber Studio’s eco-haute couture jewelry in our Fine & Green Collection. Our artisan jewelry collections span the full range from timeless silver and gold casual wear, to exquisite personalized bespoke and bridal jewelry, to fashion-forward, ecologically motivated one-of-a-kind creations.

Founder Bob Taber says about the work of Taber Studios: “When you look at each individual piece, as well as all of our work taken together, it is the visual counterpart of going to a classical concert and hearing a pianist playing a sonata. That's because we work in the manner of a Renaissance Craft Guild, where the artist/craftsman will work, not just for years, but for decades, using the same basic hand tools and hand techniques, and slowly developing and evolving their designs and their skills over time. In both cases, the artist has to develop excellent skills in their hands, and sensitivities in their souls, and then transpose these skills and sensitivities into their music and their art.”

From our hands to yours…Enjoy!

Product Images:

These five rings combine into an elegant symmetrical stack. The centerpiece is sculpted in FAIRMINED silver set with Montana sapphires and recycled diamonds. The outside rings are hand-forged in FAIRMINED silver and 18k FAIRMINED gold.<br /><br />
Inspired by an 18th century nautical device called a gimbal, this hand-forged earring bears overtures to the gyroscopes used in aerospace navigation giving it a timeless appeal both historical and futuristic.<br /><br />
Inspired by nautical instruments from the age of tall ships this bracelet (three separate pieces riveted together) can be worn open or closed. The FAIRMINED silver band is set with recycled diamonds. The two outer circles are forged in 18k FAIRMINED gold.
Sea Kelp Collection - Earrings, necklace, and bracelet in 14k gold, sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Organic and elegant.
Celestials Collection - Your astrological sign in sterling silver and diamonds. May be worn as pendant or pin.<br />


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