Sub Zero Freeze Dried Candies

Sub Zero Freeze Dried Candies
720 Fenway Lane SW
Tumwater WA
Booth: 2559

Company Description:

At Sub-Zero Freeze Dried Candy we are changing the way people experience candy by taking some of your favorites and freeze drying them!

Instead of having a hard to chew saltwater taffy, we have changed the texture and consistency. The process makes them light, airy, and crunchy, while retaining the flavor that you know and love.

Skittles and Jolly Ranchers are now crunchy without hurting your teeth or sticking to them, and those fun little gummy bears are also crunchy, not chewy. Best of all, the flavors are intensified!

Show Specials:

All items are $8 each or 4 items for $30. Mix and Match is encouraged!

New Products

Hi-Chews, Mambas, Sour Mambas, Nerd Clusters, Popcorn flavored marshmallows, S'Mores Rocky Road, Tropical Jolly Ranchers.


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