Salt Blade

Salt Blade
1124 N 97th Street
Seattle WA
Booth: 416

Company Description:

At Salt Blade we believe in direct support of sustainable farming practices. All of the meat we use comes from Olsen Farms in Colville, WA. In addition to growing the finest potatoes in the Northwest, the Olsen family raises Berkshire, Duroc, and Tamworth pigs that feed on the barley that grows abundantly on their land. They also keep a herd of 100% grass fed cows. Though not certified organic, they use only organic practices.

Once the meat arrives in Seattle we aggressively lean it out and grind it. We then gently mix it with the carefully measured spices, fresh ingredients, and curing salts. We hand stuff and hand link the salamis, as has been done for centuries. Fermentation takes place in a carefully controlled environment before the dry curing finishes in our curing chamber.
We hope you enjoy the results!

New Products

In addition to the eleven flavors in our standard lineup we'll also have our Truffle Salami and a limited amount of our Gin Salami made with gin from Copperworks Distilling.

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