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Rosamae Seasonings

1720 South 7th Street, Suite 105
Tacoma WA
Booth: 2259

Company Description:

Rosamae Seasoning was created and is owned by Rosie Mayes. After sharing recipes online for many years on her blog, and publishing her cookbook " I Heart Soul Food", Rosie decided to create her very own seasoning / cooking line at the end of 2020. She decided to name her brand after her late Grandmother Rosamae ( who she was named after!). The goal was to create a luxury soul food brand, that would not only enhance your favorite dishes, but simplify them. officially opened up in February 2021, and quickly became a favorite & trusted brand in many households worldwide. We offer season blends created by Rosie herself including the Greens Seasoning, Oxtail Seasonings, Yams Spice, and even Peach Cobbler Seasoning. We also have many salt free versions of our seasonings.


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