Princess Trading

Princess Trading
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Company Description:

Yes after a 3 year wait, Princess Trading is back. We are bringing hundreds of wonderful pieces to the show this year. We are in our same location and excited to see all of you. In thanks for all the years you have bought treasures from us, we are offering a "everything in the show" special (see below)

Princess Trading has been importing Chinese Antiques, hand carved stone lanterns, antique carvings and screens and museum quality furniture for over 25 years.

You can also contact us by phone (253-208-8830) to ask for pictures or details of any item you are looking for

New Products

Carved original wall hangings and window shutters from the 1800's. Each piece unique and special.

Product Images:

Beautiful Stone Monks.  Standing 40 inches tall they are perfect for garden or yard.  Only 2 available.  Found in Beijing China 1n 2018
Amazing Garden Lanterns.  Many sizes.  Make an appointment at our warehouse to choose the right ones for your yard or garden
Hand carved panels, and window coverings all from the 1800's.  Princess Trading has the largest collection on the west coast.  China has closed the doors on any export of these pieces since 2016.  Please call 253-208-8830 or email to
Hand carved stone Quan Yin.  Amazing detail on front and back.  Perfect for garden and yard.
Stone Lanterns.  Many styles and sizes for you to choose from.


Five Year Exhibitor

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