Nzalamba Artworks

Nzalamba Artworks
4986 Coringa Drive
Los Angeles CA
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Company Description:

Colorful African batik art with stories. Art by Paul Nzalamba and Lungala Rubadiri. Each image is done on cotton cloth using wax and dye. The originals are then reproduced into lithos and archival prints. Each image is based on a story by Lungala. The themes represent universal values of family, friendship, happiness, hope, peace and love.

Product Images:

“AND THE SUN CAME” 16X20 SIGNED AND  MATTED UNFRAMED PRINT<br />Theme- The picture illustrates Three ladies dancing on the hills of western Uganda. It expresses the fact that seasons come and go, in life; but we must always hold on to hope. The grass will
“STILL TOGETHER” - SIGNED AND LINNEN MATTED PRINT. FRAMED IN CHERRY WOOD. DIMENSIONS FRAMED 25X32. <br />Theme-  The picture illustrates that no matter how many children a parent has, there is room in the heart to love them all! Even a grandparents love w
“THE DRUMS” 16X20 SIGNED AND MATTED  UNFRAMED PRINT <br />Theme- This picture illustrates a person, who has many choices of which “drums” to play. He has chosen to play the two that match his hat. Meaning that in life we should “find our drums to play”, “
“FROM THE WELL”  SIGNED PRINT WITH LINNEN MAT AND CHERRY WOOD FRAME. OVERALL FRAME SIZE 36X48. <br />Theme- A group of women walking from the well together. Each person representing a different family. By walking together they form family friendships that
“A PATH BETWEEN” 16X20 SIGNED AND MATTED UNFRAMED PRINT<br />Theme- This image represents two people who fell in love by coming from two different paths in the distant hills, and choosing to walk together into the future as one, on their path of LOVE. <br


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