Light Razor Design Studio

Light Razor Design Studio
6350 18th Avenue SW
Seattle WA
Booth: 2510

Company Description:

I design and create a variety of handcrafted aerium planters and air plant holders from wood and acrylic. My work serves to display your beautiful Tillandsia plants, and show them off in a unique and original way. Most low-water plants (succulents, cacti, etc.) are suitable, and look great! Enjoy the special beauty and allure of your plants in a hand-crafted wall planter, free-hanging plant holder, or tabletop display.

I also make distinctive and original, laser cut earrings using multiple materials. My jewelry is very lightweight, and handcrafted from leather that I dye by hand, a wide array of domestic and exotic hardwoods that I sand and finish by hand, & various specialty acrylics.

I strive to create innovative and functional designs for appreciation, decoration, and fascination. All original designs. Made in West Seattle.

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Free shipping over $35! Free air plant with every planter! * (online orders only).

New Products

New Free Hanging Planters Collection!
- Hanging Aerium Plant Holder 01
- Hanging Aerium Plant Holder 02
- Hanging Aerium Plant Holder 03
- Hanging Aerium Plant Holder 04
- Hanging Round Aerium Planter (small)
- Hanging Round

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