Found and Foraged Fibers

Found and Foraged Fibers
Mount Vernon WA
Booth: 1108

Company Description:

Found and Foraged Fibers specializes in botanical printing and natural dyeing, creating beautiful and unique wearable art that keeps us close to nature. We focus on having a minimal impact on the environment, by using deadstock garments as well as sustainable, regenerative silk, linen and wool and recycling materials when possible. We believe in creating a sense of community and connection by keeping our business small-scale and local by sourcing dye material from Botanical Colors in Seattle as well as ethically foraging berries, leaves, twigs and other living color on the land we currently reside upon in Skagit Valley. By leveraging these values, we hope to inspire people to stay in tune with nature, the wheel as it turns and adorning others in beautiful pieces of natural art that will last for years to come.

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