Faith Restored Furnishings

Faith Restored Furnishings
Port Orchard WA
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Faith Restored started as a hobby- painting and redoing pieces for my own home. Over the years, I've learned new techniques and the artistry has grown into a passion. Each piece of furniture presents a new canvas, inspiring me to bring it to life and renew it's beauty.

Why be a furniture artist? I so enjoy working with old things and beautiful wood. I see character and age that hints at the life the piece has been witness to. The hands that created it. The quality and detail now hidden by the years. Gorgeous wood covered by shellac, scratched, scarred, and often discarded. Each piece provides a creative opportunity.

I use stain and paint, oils and waxes, resin and wood to reform pieces (that often would have been sent to a landfill) into works of art. But beauty cannot stand alone, functionality is just as important. I had a customer exclaim in surprise that "all 5 drawers slide nicely!". I was astounded, if there is a drawer, shouldn't it slide? Each piece is cleaned, conditioned, and repaired if needed, so it's lovely, from the inside out. Lastly, protective coats are applied so the finish will last for years to come.

As God does with us, cleaning away the old, the damage, the ugly, often provides a canvas for an artist to bring beauty to life once again.

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