Deep Harvest Farm

Deep Harvest Farm
P.O. Box 515
Freeland WA
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Company Description:

Deep Harvest Farm is a certified-organic seed, vegetable, and flower farm on Washington State’s Whidbey Island. We grow over 150 varieties of Certified Organic, Open-Pollinated, & Non-GMO seed while providing fresh vegetables to our community from June to December. We believe that a thriving local food system starts with regionally-adapted seed.

As market farmers, we have grown hundreds of vegetable varieties to sell through our CSA, farmers markets, restaurants and grocery stores. Every year, we perform variety trials to assess which ones thrive in our particular Northwest soils and climate. Our seed catalog features these winning varieties, and we are confident they will also excel in fields and gardens across the Northwest and other cool, northern climates. Furthermore, by saving seeds only from the best plants, selecting for beauty, vigor, disease resistance, and tolerance to extreme temperatures, we have further adapted these varieties to our corner of the world.

Ecological soil management techniques such as minimal tillage, cover cropping, and building organic matter are the farm’s guiding principles, and we’re constantly seeking opportunities to further learn from the land, soil and seeds. Through yearly expansion of native hedgerows, flowering perennials and fruit orchards, we strive to provide as much habitat for pollinators and wildlife on the farm as possible.

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Buy 5 organic seed packets and receive 1 for free!

New Products

In 2023 we will offering over 20 new vegetable and flower varieties, including:
- Telegraph Cucumber
- Winter Luxury Pumpkin
- Opal Creek Snap Pea
- Mascara Lettuce
- Garden Peach Tomato
- Baldo Radicchio
- Salmon Beauty

Certifications & Awards

WSDA Certified Organic , Real Organic Project, Safe Seed Pledge

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