Critterfence Garden Fence

Critterfence Garden Fence
759 J A Cochran Bypass
Chester SC
Booth: 2154

Company Description:

Critterfence Deer Fence and Garden Fence - fence to keep animals in or out. We ship our own product, from our own warehouses - manufacturer wholesale direct to everyone. Deer fence, garden fence or any type of fence to keep animals in or out. Rolls of fence, parts, accessories and complete fence systems including access gates from 3ft wide to 24ft wide and 3ft tall to 10ft tall.

New Products

Graduated Black Welded Wire Fence, 7ft and 6ft tall 1/2x1/2 hardware cloth (new sizes - also available in 1ft tall, 2ft, 3ft,4ft and 5ft). Many new and innovative products not found elsewhere.

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