Cedar Grove Composting, Inc.

Cedar Grove Composting, Inc.
7343 E Marginal Way S
Seattle WA
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Company Description:

We are excited to see you in person this year and will be offering great discounts, answer all your soil and full circle questions as well as share more information about our soil products! For additional information, please visit our website.

Cedar Grove is a local, family-owned company with deep roots in the Seattle area. As an industry-leading environmental solutions company, we use nature as our guide, along with proven technology, to transform yard waste and food scraps into beautiful, nutrient-rich compost that helps nourish our yards, garden beds and landscapes.

Cedar Grove Compost contains significant amounts of both major and minor nutrients required for healthy plant growth. Stored nutrients are gradually released for steady plant growth. This slow release action reduces the need for frequent fertilizer applications and prevents runoff of nutrients into surface water.

Our finished compost product is dark, clean, earthy-smelling, and has a rich texture.

• Compost
• Potting Soil
• 2-Way Topsoil
• 3-Way Topsoil
• Vegetable Garden Mix
• Winter Mix Topsoil
• Landscape Mulch
• Pro Mulch
• Arbor Mulch
• Booster Blend
• Lawn Performance
• 60/40 Lawn Mix
• 80/20 Topdress
• Bioretention Soil
• Bark
• Aggregates – Construction Sand, 5/8 Minus, 1.5” Drain Rock, & Pea Gravel

*For full descriptions and uses for these products, visit our website.

Where Can You Get CG Products?
• Cedar Grove has 7 soil yards located in Seattle, Everett, Maple Valley, Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville and Tacoma
• Cedar Grove offers home delivery for bagged and bulk products.
• We partner with many local nurseries and home improvements retailers around the area.

“Many of us in the Pacific Northwest have hard packed poor glacial till soil that grows plants poorly. Using root pits and a generous amendment (30-40%) I get show stopping results with Cedar Grove Compost” - Gary F. Leatham, Pacific Northwest Gardeners

Excited to get back in the garden? Take advantage of our home delivery.

Certifications & Awards

Organic; OMRI; Leading Environmental Practices Award (2020) from The Association of Washington Business; Seattle Business Magazine's 2019 Washington Manufacturer of the Year

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