Authentic Hemp Company

Authentic Hemp Company
P.O. Box 322
Carbondale CO
Booth: 808

Company Description:

2x Award winning, hand grown, handcrafted body wellness & skincare to support an active western lifestyle. From our farm & flowers to your skin, herbal salves, body butters, infused oils, facial serums, tinctures & syrups for immune support, pain, arthritis, workout inflammation, menstrual cramps, headaches, dry skin, wrinkles/puffy eyes, bug bites/burn/bruises, etc. This is a purists line, certified organic, Biodynamic & Ccruelty Ffree. No chemicals ever!

We breed & grow our own flowers. Our botanical art is akin to a fine painter breeding their own botanicals, making their own paint before even applying it to canvas. This is the creative depth of our process and we consider it a fine art.

New Products

Sleep Tincture in 1oz: rest & settle. Respiratory/Lung Supportive Syrup in seasonal production.

Certifications & Awards

Best CBD Topical 2019 for Juniper Joint Rub / Best Whole Hemp Balm 2018 (Grow Hemp) for Moon Balm / Best in Show - Tempe Arts / Best in Culinary Arts - Corvalis / Best in Makers Market - St Stephens Arts

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