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American Bamboo Co.
7511 Greenwood Avenue N #909
Seattle WA
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Company Description:

American Bamboo Company was founded in 2010 in Seattle, Washington. We are the premier bamboo fence builder in the United States and the go-to bamboo specialist in the greater Seattle area. We proudly handcraft our products in our North Seattle workshop, allowing us to handle your custom specifications to perfection. Our in-house team collaborates on all our bamboo services, without using subcontractors, ensuring trust-worthy and dependable results. We strive to keep the carbon footprint of our product small and we are passionate in regards to educating the public about the benefits of working with the bamboo plant and growing bamboo plants.

We specialize in bamboo services including removal, containment, installation, and maintenance. Many people enjoy the beauty, privacy, tranquility, and various other benefits a bamboo grove provides. Containment and maintenance are an appealing and achievable strategy for preventing the unwanted spread of the plant. We have a track record of proven success when it comes to bamboo removal. Bamboo removal is an extremely labor-intensive process. Due to the underground rhizome structure, chemicals or fire will do little to slow the plant down. When we perform removal, we follow all the running roots, called rhizomes, to their terminus away from the mother plant. Though the process is daunting, it is achievable with experienced assistance.

Bamboo makes a great fencing material because it is a fast-growing, renewable resource that is extremely hardy and structurally strong. We follow in the footsteps of traditional Asian designed fences from over 500 years ago. Then we add our own modern-day elements to create a product that will withstand the test of time. Although we specialize in bamboo fencing, our team has the expertise to assist with your traditional cedar fencing projects as well.

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