Knox Cellars Mason Bees

Knox Cellars Mason Bees
Bremerton WA
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Company Description:

Knox Cellars Orchard Mason Bees provides Orchard Mason Bee nesting material, shelters, accessories, OMB cocoons and education for the beginner or experienced backyard gardener to add the super-pollinator Orchard Mason Bee to their garden, orchard or farm. Knox Cellars Mason Bees is certified with the Orchard Bee Association for the responsible husbandry of Orchard Mason Bees.

Knox Cellars Mason Bees proprietor, Carrie Morlang is continuing the legacy of Knox Cellars Mason Bees from the founder Brian Griffin who established the company in 1991 in Bellingham, WA and authored the book 'The Orchard Mason Bee' and Jim Ullrich, who brought the company to life again in Bremerton, WA and is an invaluable mentor.

Carrie gives spring and fall Orchard Mason Bee educational talks to support those who host Orchard Mason Bees or would like to learn about our beloved native pollinator the Orchard Mason Bee at nurseries, garden clubs, senior centers, grade schools, garden centers and stores around the Pacific Northwest.

Certifications & Awards

Members of the International Orchard Bee Association (OBA), Certified by the Orchard Bee Association

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Jim "The Bee Man" Ullrich, Owner
Variety of mason bee housing at our booth during previous shows
Gift Set for your garden and nature loving friends and family!  $60 includes beginner book, 25 loose cocoons with instructions, and observation nesting house so you can view the magic.  Free Shipping!
Marvelous Mason Bee Cocoons!!


Five Year Exhibitor

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