Veggies Mean Health!

Veggies Mean Health!

eggplant.jpgDid you know that most everything our bodies need are already found in wonderful vegetables? It is true. They have the vitamins and minerals that our bodies crave, fiber and even some protein. Scientists have discovered, in fact, that vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness (and then NOT shipped and processed all over the place) have properties that heal cells in our bodies.

I have never been a vegetarian. But I have always kind of wondered how vegetarians can DO it? How can they not eat meat and not starve? Veggies never, ever filled me up!

We have food restrictions in my family and I have spent the last few years being downright frustrated because getting rid of both dairy and gluten led to very few choices on the dinner table. Pre-packaged fillers are expensive (quinoa noodles, pancake mixes, gluten-free bread mixes etc) and when the bad economy hit and I had to reduce our grocery budget, it make it even more difficult.

I read that some people are dealing with the economic changes with lessening the meat in their diets. This makes sense because I can’t believe the price of meat these days. And it made me wonder more about how it is accomplished in vegetarian homes.

So we have been concentrating more on veggies here now and I feel so much better physically without the carbohydrate overload it is so easy to get on. Yes, we are still eating some meat. But I have lost a few pounds, feel better physically and I also feel those healing properties. Next step-incorporating it more into the kid’s diets.

As a result of this change, I am discovering there ARE veggies that can be used as fillers and actually fill me up! I tried avocados the other day and I bought more today. And tonight I took a big step by buying an eggplant and am researching how to cook it. Maybe someday I can grow my own.

How about you? Do you rely more on veggies these days to fill your plates?

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