Using Shrubs as Miniature Borders

Using Shrubs as Miniature Borders

bettershrubborder.jpg I was walking around town last evening and discovered a concept in design that I have yet to see anywhere else-using tiny shrubs as borders around flower gardens. They are done in such a way as to not impede the visual delight of seeing the plants beyond and I loved how it drew the eye to the bed itself. Note that the bed above actually has two borders when you count the brick. The landscaper used this concept in multiple areas, winding throughout the shops and along the road and it offered a unique continuity to pull all the beds together.


Here are some other joys I discovered while walking around. Obviously, the designer chose a focus on pinks and purples in this design.

 8210a155e9f0.jpg   shrubborder2.jpg


I would love to see some of your plants this year or the design around your town.  Send them to me and we will feature them here on the blog. Email me at [email protected]

  • Dianne
    Posted at 08:09h, 17 May Reply

    The double border effect is indeed very pleasing 🙂 and I also really like the use of yellows on green. On a similar vein:

    at the National Arboretum in Washington DC I visited the bonsai displays; these were delightful and lovely. But what I particularly noticed was the work done on the plantings outside the buildings between the walkways going into the displays and the building walls. Similar species (as the bonsai) were in those beds, growing “au naturel” but closely pruned. The effect was similar: a “surround” of small green of uniform idea or concept leading the eye to the entryway…. I’m no longer afraid to tightly control my own greens and have started pruning more heavily to keep them small. We’ll see how it goes this summer…. and if anybody wants to warn me away from “pruning now” please “speak up” — d

  • Flora
    Posted at 10:54h, 19 May Reply

    Thanks for your comments, Dianne. We appreciate hearing your experience with this. I did find myself wondering if there is a mini shrub out there or whether these are regular sized shrubs pruned close and tight. And if they are large ones, what happens when the stalks get big enough that to prune that close reveals only those stalks and not much green? I had never thought of a double border but it really did highlight the goods, so to speak. Please let us know how your project goes this summer.~Flora

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