Urban Gardening: Friendly Urban Container Plants

Urban Gardening: Friendly Urban Container Plants

istock_000003108436xsmall.jpgI found a GREAT list of plants that do well in containers and are therefore really good for urban gardeners. Thanks to Urban Gardening Help for this information. This is only a bit of it so I encourage you to click over and see the multitude of resources available for urban gardeners-and those of us who love container plants.

Here is a starter list of flowers and veggies that do well in containers and some specifics on each one. Very cool!


  • Echinacea is a terrific urban garden plant and has an appealing daisy-like bloom. It is also a medicinal plant and you can use it to make an immunity-building tincture.
  • Zinnias add easy color to your container garden.
  • Portulaca is available in many different colors and looks great spilling out of hanging baskets.
  • Trailing annuals such as Petunias work well with larger, more vertical plants placed in the background.
  • Tulip bulbs are a favorite for container gardening.
  • Begonia is a beautiful flower for hanging baskets.
  • Lily of the Nile in the dwarf size is great for small containers.
  • Daffodils are flowers grown from bulbs that will provide long-lasting color.
  • Lantana makes a colorful addition to your urban garden and will change color as the growing season progresses.
  • Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta) is a beautiful daisy-like flower that can grow up to 3 feet tall. They love the sun and work well with low-lying grow covers.

Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Window Box Roma’ tomato works well in pots and will grow to a manageable size.
  • Radishes grow quickly and easily in container and grow at a shallow soil depth.
  • Carrots are available in miniature varieties. ‘Kinko’ and ‘Oxheart’ are excellent for small spaces.
  • Some citrus plants such as kumquats grow very well in containers and indoors.
  • ‘Tumbler’ tomatoes grow in vines and grow in hanging container gardens. Tomatoes are a staple of Italian cooking supplies.
  • Make use of your vertical space by planting climbing vegetables such as peas and beans.
  • Squash such as zucchini and sunburst do well in small spaces and can also grow up over vertical features of your urban garden.
  • Several varieties of cucumbers exist for growing in small spaces. Ask your local nursery for advice.
  • Figs grow great in containers, but make sure you use a durable container to keep the roots from breaking out.
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