Two Green Thumbs: How the Miniature Gardens Stack Up

Two Green Thumbs: How the Miniature Gardens Stack Up

(c) Janit CalvoI am so excited to introduce you to Janit Calvo, the owner of Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center. She is great and tons of fun! And she makes delightful mini- garden kits which can, of course, be a little story all in themselves. I might add that they are a perfect gift for a gardener. She will be in booth #2420 in the plant market. Please go by and say hello!


Flora-What kinds of things are included in a miniature garden kit?

Janit-I’m excited to offer a variety of kits that I’ve put together specifically for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

Because the idea of miniature gardening is so juicy with possibilities, I have created a series of starting points by grouping together some of the vital components. Anyone can take any of these kits, and use them as they like by either enjoying them on their own, adding to them, or blending the idea into to their garden at home.

Examples are the “Mini Garden Quick Kit” (a NWFGS exclusive) that can easily fit into an 8″ pot, or larger container. These are priced at (c) Janit Calvo$9.95 and $12.95. The “Complete Mini Garden Kit”, can be created in a larger pot, or right in the garden bed. These range from $19.95 to $149.95 and are suited for a variety of climates and care routines. Just note where you would like a mini garden and choose the kit to match. It’s that easy.

Flora-Do you group plants into “types” or “styles” when packaging a garden?

Janit-Definitely! I’ve noticed this was a stumbling block for most, as my ideas inspire a lot of people who have never gardened before. I group the plants for care, color and texture, and match the trees to the “mini bedding plants” to make it easy for the new gardener to get into it.

The miniature garden accessories help dictate the style. I’ve sorted out several themes to make fun and easy for all. Some examples are: birds, beach and northwest themes – but there is something for everyone and every occasion.

Flora-These are kits that you put together instead of being pre-packaged?

Janit-All my kits are exclusively Two Green Thumbs. My kits are my ideas that I’ve been working on for years now. And you can’t find them anywhere else but here – and in my online store. I’ll have more online after the show too.

Flora-Do you include recommendations for planting conditions, climate, care, etc.?

Janit-There are planting and care instructions with every kit. All you have to do is have fun putting it together and remember to water. There very little maintenance afterwards and the instructions will tell you what to do. I’m always available too – if you have any questions down the road.


Flora-Is there any kind of guarantee on your kits? I know you can’t really guarantee plants.

Janit-I do choose plants of very high quality because that is important to me. I can guarantee that my miniature garden kids will bring hours of smiles and fun for gardeners of all ages. Now, everyone can have a garden! 

Flora-Thanks Janit!

  • Julie
    Posted at 14:08h, 03 February Reply

    These are too cute! Lovely kits!

  • Karrita~ My Mother's Garden
    Posted at 14:59h, 03 February Reply

    What a cool little gardening kit!

  • barbara
    Posted at 18:25h, 08 February Reply

    What a great gift idea for my mother & my mother-in-law!

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