Twitter Can Help You Garden!

Twitter Can Help You Garden!

ladybug2.jpgDon’t laugh. It’s helping me-I’m totally serious. On Twitter, I found a lot of gardening friends who get my tweets/updates (and I get their tweets) and this morning I had a question that I needed answered quickly. I posted it in my “what are you doing” box. I asked, “what’s with the ladybugs on my beans? Evil or friendly?”

Unfortunately the answer from Debbie Met was not what I hoped for. Don’t get me wrong-I appreciated her help. But what she said was, “they are the good guys and are eating your aphids.”

Aphids! Me don’t want no stinkin’ aphids!

So off I will go this afternoon to check for aphids and when I wrote her to ask if this meant for SURE that I have aphids, she was nice enough to answer, “not necessarily”.

I wanted to let you know that Twitter is a great tool for questions that need answered. And if you really want a waterfall of replies, place your question in your status box THEN go find friends that have “gardening” (or whatever your topic is) in their bio. When they click to see who you are, this will be the first thing that they see.

Next question is: “What color is an aphid?” Just kidding!

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  • Debbie
    Posted at 12:14h, 21 October Reply

    Hah, I’ve only just seen this. 🙂

    It’s unheard of for gardens here not to have aphids at some point in the year, and our way of dealing with them is usually to keep the numbers down rather than try to obliterate them altogether… To that end we often use biological control, including ladybirds and lacewings. I have bought them (yes, paid money for!) from these people: – info on this page:

    Just, if you’re interested, like. 🙂

    Happy gardening.

    Debbie (debbiemet)

  • Flora
    Posted at 17:41h, 21 October Reply

    So I should have mailed the ladybugs to you!? 🙂 Thanks Debbie for the information. ~FLora

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