Turning Wasted Space into a Community Garden

Turning Wasted Space into a Community Garden

Community Garden Seaside, OR (c) JBH

Part of sustainability is using our spaces wisely. And that means using those spaces to…well, sustain us. 

When Seaside, Oregon decided to do something with a city-owned empty lot, they held a meeting to discuss a community garden. And to their surprise, many people showed up with interest in a plot. The eight planned plots quickly filled and a waiting list is now maintained.

The “plot owners” are enthusiastic, and excited. As well they Community Garden, Seaside, OR (c) JBHshould be. The gardens are beautiful and will provide for several families in this time of increasing food rates. And although they sign a waiver of liability, a true sense of community comes when each member takes turns helping to maintain the plots. With a camera and fencing installed, safety and vandalism concerns are minimal.

The benefits to community gardens are endless:

  1. The land itself benefits from being used.
  2. People benefit from growing their own food.
  3. We learn and grow from other growers.
  4. What was barren land turns into a place of beauty.
  5. It has the potential to draw more people to the area.
  6. Growing may help provide for local food banks.
  7. It encourages sustainability in the community.
  8. It educates the masses.
  9. A garden allows for educational opportunities for children’s groups.
  10. It gives opportunity for physical activity and stretching.

Can you imagine if all cities used vacant lots in such a way? What an amazing impact in sustainability that would make.

  • Charlotte
    Posted at 21:37h, 12 November Reply

    I stopped in Seaside about two weeks ago to visit the garden.
    Does anyone know who to contact about the garden or how I can get in touch with the person who started the garden. I would really like to know more about your garden. The gate was locked when I was there and that’s a good thing but I did reach over the fence with my camera and I have some great shots of the garden. It looks fabulous. Would someone please get back to me about the garden.
    Thank you.

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