Turning ‘Trash’ into Garden Treasure

Turning ‘Trash’ into Garden Treasure


 Everything old is new again 

These days there is not limit on what can be considered a “container” for plants, or what materials “should” be used for a trellis, or “rules” on how to build a garden shed. In fact, the only rules is this: There are NO rules!

Discover some highly creative ways you can reuse your stuff – or use other people’s stuff you pick up on the cheap – with these three seminars by Jason Darling, Education & Marketing Coordinator, The RE Store; Tom Watson, Seattle Times columnist & Manager, King County EcoConsumer program and Eberhard Eichner, Carpenter & furniture builder, the RE Store. 

So if you have a hankering to build something, or just don’t want to put ho-hum plastic containers from a big box store in your garden, then these are must-see seminars. Reinvent your creativity! Discover more seminars on our website. ~ Janet

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