The Fun of the Fourth

The Fun of the Fourth

(c) jbh

Around these parts, we have a small town parade on the fourth of July and all the participants throw candy to the kids on the side of the road. Honestly, when going home with bulging bags of candy, necklaces and marketing gadgets-it always seems more like Halloween.(c) jbh But of course the kids love it.

We also have a huge fireworks display on the beach in Seaside. People have bonfires and also set off their own-making it practically a war zone if you are on the beach itself with kids. I didn’t know this my first year here and took my kids and niece on the beach to watch the display. So this past year, they implemented a “free zone”-an area in which people can watch from but not set them off in-and this year they are doubling the space.

And of course, there is entertaining. As I get older, it gets harder to pack it all into one day but the day is also important for this. The kids and I plan on having Teriyaki Shish Kamikes on the grill and watermelon. Although we might have to have them early because we got ahead of ourselves and already went shopping. (smile)

If you are fresh out of ideas to celebrate the fourth, we are here to help.  

  • Throw a backyard party and invite neighbors that you’ve never met.
  • Have a garage sale to recycle and make some cash (yes, a lovely neighbor of mine is having one for a half a day on the fourth and all day on the fifth).
  • Send the kids to friend’s house and having a romantic, elegant backyard dinner-just the two of you.
  • Travel to another town for the parades and fireworks.
  • Find a carnival. May hometown of Port Orchard, WA has a great one.
  • Catch up on yard work and gardening.
  • Find a way to give back to your community.

And…don’t forget to keep those pets inside on the fourth!

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