The Foundations of the Show

The Foundations of the Show

Something as big as the Northwest Flower & Garden Show is not an easy undertaking, by any means. The gardens are almost always jawdropping, but it’s the foundation that’s important. That’s why we partner with notable local businesses to help supply those foundations.

Display Gardens


Thank you to our sponsors Marenakos Rock Center and Sawdust Supply! They’ve been with us since the beginning of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.

Since pretty much the beginning, Marenakos Rock Center & Sawdust Supply have sponsored the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.
Marenakos Rock Center is willing to provide our garden creators with whatever rock they need for their creations to come to life. They are onsite every day of building with trucks, cranes, and manpower. Bill, Scott, and Jan from Marenakos may only deal in stones, but that makes them ever so important to the functioning of this Show.
To create the illusion of a real garden, the gardens create retaining walls to ‘build earth.’ Sawdust Supply is in every NWFGS garden providing that ‘earth’ in the form of mulch and sawdust. Without them, well… it’d be just a pile of plants. Sawdust and occasionally wood pallets are used as the base layer to every Display Garden because it is cost-effective. Mulch is then piled on last to hide plant pots in the displays. The finished product is what you see when you come to the Show!

City Living

Even though they aren’t real balconies, a small space dweller will definitely be inspired by our City Living displays. Overlooking Pike Street in downtown Seattle, these little spaces will hold tons of ideas for your own personal porch. A balcony vignette will be created with Mutual Materials blocks and walls from Ballard Reuse. Make sure to stop by Ballard Reuse’s booth at the Show to see what other great things they will bring (Booth #2626).


A shot of our City Living displays being set up. Mutual Materials and Ballard Reuse helped supply the foundations for these gardens.

Garden Wars

Our new charity event called “Garden Wars” will feature local celebrities battling it out in their own 10ft by 10ft space to win for their chosen charity. To build the gardens we’ll definitely need plants, so thank goodness for Sky Nursery who will be loaning us a wide selection of colorful selections for our contestants. Mulch provided by Sawdust Supply, rocks and retaining walls will be provided by Marenakos Rock Center and Mutual Materials (also sponsoring the Display Gardens & City Living), while all of the necessary tools will be on loan to us from Corona Tools!

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show wouldn’t be possible without all these little details provided by our sponsors. Make sure to stop by their websites or booths at the Show to see more of the products they provide. Thank you again! -Courtney

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