Subaru takes Show Goers on an “Endless Journey”

Subaru takes Show Goers on an “Endless Journey”

Subaru of America has gotten into gardening in a big way, and embracing the 2011 theme at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show – “Once Upon a Time…Spectacular Gardens with Stories to Tell.”


Subaru is creating two breathtaking gardens for the 2011 show. One, located on the scenic skybridge at the Washington State Convention Center, is titled “Endless Journey.” It leads visitors down a winding road in a Subaru Forester —a journey that takes you from reality into a larger-than-life fairytale storybook. “We are enthused about the garden,” said Abana Jacobs from Subaru. “We wanted to create a garden in keeping with the show’s storybook theme. This garden is like a book that comes to life – it’s almost a 3-D effect in a forest-like setting. The 2011 Forester is on an ‘endless’ journey, because so many of our customers tell us how long their cars last and how they get really high mileage.”


Reflecting a long-time commitment by Subaru to environmental sustainability, this spectacular garden has been created entirely from recycled materials, and all plant material used will be donated to Lake Washington Technical College after the show.


Joe Lamp'l, host of "Growing a Greener World," and the GGW TV crew will be filming an episode at the show.

The second Subaru garden in the South Lobby will spotlight “Paul Bunyan’s” colorful 21st century “transformation” into a friendly advocate for our environment—complete with his oversized accessories! It’s titled “Paul Bunyan Gets a Conscience.” The setting depicts what’s happened after Paul Bunyon, realizing he has been cutting down too many trees, spends time replanting a forest. But his trusty Blue Ox is off taking a break in the pasture, so replacing him is “Blue Ox”, a blue 2011 Subaru Forester. Maggie Green, of GreenStone Design, designed the garden along with Subaru to be a reflection to their commitment to going green. To Subaru, protecting the environment is as important as protecting their passengers.

Graham Kerr, the former ‘Galloping Gourmet,’ will be launching his latest book at the show, “Growing at the Speed of Life.”

Subaru is also presenting The Garden Show—Incredible Edibles, one of a new series of talk-show styled seminars. Saturday’s episode will be headlined by Joe Lamp’l (host of PBS’s “Growing a Greener World) along with author and television personality Graham Kerr, known to millions as the former “Galloping Gourmet.”  It will be on Saturday, February 26 at 3:30 pm in the Rainier Room, followed by a book signing.


The company is offering special show promotions for Subaru owners and show attendees. Visit their garden displays, follow tweets at @subaru_usa using hashtag #subarugardens, or visit the show’s Subaru page at  Look for Abana Jacobs from Subaru and Joe Lamp’l asking trivia questions and handing out prizes to Subaru owners and others at the show on opening morning. Just hold up your Subaru keys and you may get a prize! Even people waiting in line to get tickets will be surprised to find them there – along with a GGW film crew! “Growing a Greener World” is filming an episode of their program at the show. And the GGW folks will be joining the Tweetup at the show on Friday morning, all Tweeting with the hashtag #nwfgs so you can follow us on Twitter!


Gardeners know you can’t create a beautiful garden without the help of a major partner—Mother Nature.  Like a good gardener, the Northwest Flower & Garden Show values the support and participation of  Subaru of America, along with its many sponsorship partners. – Janet

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