Solving Design Challenges With Style: Artistic Inspiration for Every Garden

2016 Seminar Category

Solving Design Challenges With Style: Artistic Inspiration for Every Garden

Our next seminar category is about tricky design problems and how to solve them. You can be your own expert after dropping in on these seminars.

Along with the seminars above, this category contains some more garden superstars. Author Jenny Peterson will show how to introduce the trend “staycations” into your own yard with her seminar “Creating an Entertaining Garden: Outdoor Spaces for Connecting.

Stumped on how to combine plants properly? Brenda C. Adams can help with “Truly Compelling Combinations: Creating Sizzle and Subtlety.” She also will be speaking on “Having It All: Beauty and Low Maintenance” (which is possible!). 2016 NWFGS Show Judge Brian Minter can also share some combo advice in his seminar “The Art of Combination: Taking the Ordinary to the Extraordinary.”

Looking to design DIY? You’ll need to see NWFGS Garden Creator Phil Wood‘s seminar “Secrets of Garden Design: Solving Problems to Make a Great Garden” to help you transform unsightly views, bad neighbors, and many other common problems.

Chanticleer Garden is a renowned estate and garden in Pennsylvania. Horticulturalist Dan Benarcik has been with Chanticleer for 23 seasons and will be spilling insider secrets on how they keep the garden looking stunning in his seminars “Chanticleer: The Art of Gardening” and “Design Principles of the Chanticleer Pros For Home Gardeners.

Ever heard of “Carpet Gardening?” You have now. NWFGS Garden Creator Susan Calhoun will show you how to weave groundcovers into beautiful plant tapestries.

Solve all of your garden design problems in a matter of 45 minutes. You can find the full seminar schedule online… and remember, all of these seminars are completely FREE with your Northwest Flower & Garden Show ticket! -Courtney

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