Slave to the Goddess Flora – Part 2

Slave to the Goddess Flora – Part 2

Plant lust. We’ve all had it at one time or another. Unfortunately, these seminars will not be a cure for your craving for plants. New-and-improved, tried-and-true, high-impact, low-maintenance, must-have, can’t-miss plants – our speakers will be talking about them all. Our seminars, combined with the incredible selections enticing you at the show’s Plant Market, are going to make you forget about the 10th Commandment – “Thou shall not covet.” Go ahead; you know you want to.


Steve Aitken – 2012 Show Judge & Editor, Fine Gardening magazine
Steve Aitken is editor of Fine Gardening, a magazine devoted to making its readers better gardeners. He spends much of his time talking with and visiting horticulturists and avid gardeners around the country. The knowledge he gains from these activities not only helps the magazine, but also provides solutions to the everyday challenges he faces in his own garden. He has written articles for Fine Gardening on topics ranging from drip irrigation to building twig structures. A Master Gardener, Steve is currently carving out beds and borders around his Connecticut home, where he lives with his wife and children.

Why Doesn’t My Garden Look Like That?
10 Questions to Ask About Your Garden’s Design
Wed, Feb 8 at 1 pm / Rainier Room
We have all been in and seen photos of gorgeous gardens that leave us in awe and make us wonder, “Why can’t my garden look like that?” It would be wonderful if there were a one-size-fits-all solution to garden design, but every space and every gardener is unique. Drawing on personal experience as well as his work with outstanding gardeners and designers from around the U. S., Steve Aitken, Editor of Fine Gardening, will present a series of questions to ask when considering how to improve your garden. Whether your area is sunny or shady, sloped or flat, large or small, these questions will address fundamental design issues, which, if addressed can greatly enhance a garden’s form.


Find out how you can get front-row VIP seats for Steve’s Wednesday seminar. Just stop by the Subaru garden on the skybridge for more information.


The Secrets to Combining Plants
Discover Strategies of Design to Transform Your Garden
Thurs, Feb 9 at 1 pm / Rainier Room
At its most basic form, garden design comes down to one thing: which plants look good next to each other? Shelves of books have been written on the art of combining plants. But these books aren’t so helpful when you are stuck at the nursery wondering what to buy or standing in your garden wondering if a plant should go here or there. Fine Gardening Editor Steve Aitken is here with some easy-to-remember strategies for working with such elements as form, texture, and color. You will go home with the tools you need to transform any garden space.



Dan Hinkley – Plant explorer & author, “The Explorer’s Garden”
Dan Hinkley is native to the Zone 4 highlands of Michigan, and his lifelong interest in plants lead him to receive his B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture from Michigan State University and his M.S. in Urban Horticulture from the University of Washington.  In 1987 he and his partner, Robert Jones, established Heronswood Nursery.  Devoted to introducing rare plants to the gardeners of North America, this endeavor led him into the wilds of China, South and Central America, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Nepal and Vietnam over the past 18 years. Hinkley has written for many periodicals, including Pacific Horticulture, The American Gardener, Horticulture, and The Gardener and has a regular column in Horticulture and Garden Design.  He is the author of four award-winning books: The Explorer’s Garden: Shrubs & Vines (Timber Press, 2009), Making Heronswood (Farrar Straus & Giroux, 2009), Winter Ornamentals (Sasquatch, 1993) and The Explorers Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials (Timber Press, 1998).

 Myths, Fables, Fantasies or Facts?
A Not Entirely Unfathomable Low-Maintenance Garden
Thurs, Feb 9 at 4 pm / Rainier Room
Dan Hinkley’s private garden on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound is the stuff of legend. But you don’t have to be a world famous horticulturist, plant hunter and nurseryman to achieve some of Dan’s success in the garden – IF you know what really goes into maintaining the garden, and can separate fact from fiction and myth.

 Survivors: Indianola
High-Performing Plants That Outlasted Winter 2010 – 2011
Fri, Feb 10 at 11:30 am / Rainier Room
Many great gardeners in the Northwest were caught with their plants down when they were struck by bizarre swings in the winter weather. Plants new in the ground were immediately history, and even established plants suffered. Dan Hinkley’s own garden on a bluff in Indianola, overlooking Puget Sound, was no different. Find out what plants outlasted and outplayed Mother Nature in this tale of Survivors: Indianola.



Bruce Bailey – Owner, Heavy Petal Nursery, Moses Lake, WA
Bruce Bailey is the owner of Heavy Petal Nursery, in Moses Lake, Washington, “Where plants rock.” He is a passionate horticulturist with a background in art history and design, and an accomplished interior designer. Heavy Petal Nursery provides an unconventional selection of gardening products for a unique shopping experience, with new varieties and surprising introductions of garden worthy plants, as well as old fashioned and unjustly forgotten favorites. They specialize in bringing hardy plants to Eastern Washington, expanding the plant palette for inter-mountain and high desert gardeners. The nursery offers a wide variety of inspiring plants hardy in the USDA zone 5a, as well as pushing zones up to USDA zone 7a.

A Container Named Desire
Making a Personal Statement with Bold Containers
Wed, Feb 8 at 5:45 pm / Hood Room
Join plant geek and nursery owner Bruce Bailey for his fun presentation, “A Container Named Desire.” It will get you primed for choosing the right containers. Bruce will discuss irrigation and drainage, and inspire you to experiment with plants. Go outside your comfort zone! Bruce will both entertain and educate you – and best of all, help you get the most bang for your plant buck.



Debra Lee Baldwin – Photojournalist & author,“Designing with Succulents”
Award-winning garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin authored the Timber Press bestsellers Designing with Succulents (Timber Press, 2007) and Succulent Container Gardens (Timber Press, 2010). Debra specializes in showing how florists and garden designers use a wide range of succulents in lovely, creative ways perfect for gardens large and small. As a renowned authority on these elegant, low-water plants, Debra shares her expertise in print and online, via radio and TV, and at horticultural venues nationwide.

Design Essentials for Succulents
Create Chic, Colorful Focal Points with Succulents
Sat, Feb 11 at 5:15 pm / Rainier Room
Discover how to beautifully combine plants, pots and topdressings to create chic, colorful and beautiful garden focal points. To keep your fleshy-leaved plants fat and sassy, Debra also explains the growth habits of popular varieties, plus quick ways to rejuvenate overgrown compositions.

Fresh Ideas with Succulents
Innovative Ways to Use Succulents in Home & Garden
Sun, Feb 11 at 12:45 pm / Rainier Room
Debra presents what’s new and exciting in the realm of “plants that drink responsibly.” You’ll view gorgeous new cultivars and discover innovative ways that garden and floral designers now use succulents in bouquets, bonsais, topiaries, terrariums—and even wearable art!



Richie Steffen – Curator, Miller Botanical Garden
Richie Steffen is the curator for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden where he manages the rare plant collections and heads acquisition of new plants for the garden. Richie has been
actively involved in the horticultural community currently serving as a committee member of the Great Plant Picks program and as a board member of the Hardy Fern Foundation and Northwest Horticultural Society. An avid gardener, he maintains a small garden at home as well where he constantly experiments with new plants and growing conditions. Through his travel abroad he had gained a great appreciation for the flora of the world and the richness of Northwest horticulture. Drawing from these varied experiences Richie is always ready to share his enthusiasm for plants.

Reliable Plants for the Shade Garden
The Latest Great Plant Picks for Northwest Gardens
Fri, Feb 10 at 7 pm / Rainier Room
Almost every garden in the Northwest has at least one shady spot. Learn about the best plants for shady sites and woodland gardens. See how this challenging condition can become a showcase for interesting foliage and a highlight of your garden. The new 2012 list of Great Plant Picks will be available along with the new poster and additional handouts listing great shade plants for various garden conditions.



Marianne Binetti – Syndicated columnist & author, “Vegetables for Washington & Oregon”
Known for her light-hearted and fun approach to garden writing, Marianne has a B.A. in horticulture from Washington State University and writes a syndicated column that runs in over a dozen newspapers. She also writes weekly for the Tacoma News Tribune garden page. You may recognize Marianne from her many appearances on HGTV. The Seattle native is the author of over ten gardening books. Her latest book is Vegetables for Washington & Oregon and will be published by Lonepine Press in February, 2012. She is also the author of Edible Gardens for Washington & Oregon; Container Gardening for Washington and Oregon; and Herbs for Washington & Oregon, all by Lonepine Press. Marianne loves to organize tours for gardeners to see beautiful gardens around the globe.

 Garden Opera
Drama, Divas & Heroes in the Garden
Sun, Feb 12 at 2 pm / Hood Room
Marianne Binetti shares her favorite dramatic compositions, those demanding divas and the best handsome heroes for the garden, including creative plant selection and the top new varieties.



Mary-Kate Mackey – Free lance garden writer
Mary-Kate Mackey is an award-winning garden writer, co-author of Sunset’s Secret Gardens—153 Design Tips from the Pros and contributor to the Sunset Western Garden Book and Gardening in the Northwest. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines including Fine Gardening, Sunset and Horticulture.

Button-Down Plants
High Impact, Low Maintenance Plants for Every Garden
Fri, Feb 10 at 7:15 pm / Hood Room
Let’s face it—some plants behave better than others. There’s a whole group of tidy, often overlooked,  garden denizens that play well with others—unlike certain “vigorous” out-of-bounders that manage to drape themselves on everything by summer’s end. Here’s a look at the neat easy-going garden performers that keep their shape, deliver plenty of punch and require a lot less of your time and effort—these mainstays are what every gardener needs.



Rizaniño “Riz” Reyes – Owner, RHR Horticulture & Landwave Gardens
Riz Reyes’ interest in plants and gardens began as a young boy growing up on a family fruit plantation in his native Philippines. Immigrating to the US in 1989, he was exposed to a new environment that unveiled an overwhelming diversity of plants he felt compelled to learn about and grow on his own. This led him to displays at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in his early teens, a BS in horticulture from the University of Washington, and travels all around to find rare and unusual plants for avid gardeners. Riz has worked at the UW Botanic Garden’s Center for Urban Horticulture and runs his own horticultural enterprise called RHR Horticulture. His garden, Landwave, is located in the Shoreline area and he is actively involved in the local horticultural community; he writes a gardening blog for and his own dubbed, “The Next Generation Gardener.” He is also a part-time instructor at Edmonds Community College.

 Introducing Fragrance in the Garden
Year Round Guide to ‘Scentsational’ Gardens
Fri, Feb 10 at 5:15 pm / DIY Stage
A garden doesn’t just have to look good, it should smell good, too! All year round! Learn about the extraordinary array of scented plants for the Pacific Northwest and learn to grow the very best. Pick up some tips on buying plants, planting, care, and learn to use them effectively in the landscape to tantalize not just your eyes, but your curious nose as well!
The talk will cover topics such as:
*Fragrant Trees and Shrubs
*Fragrant Perennials and Shrubs
*Plant Sources
*Planting Design
*Care and Maintenance

And if these seminars don’t make you clear your calendar so you can attend the Northwest Flower & Garden Show for at least two days, check out the entire schedule. Tickets are now on sale, and if you’re traveling from Vancouver, B.C. or Portland, OR, we have some cool bus and train packages so you (and your plants) can travel in style! Reserve your trip now. ~ Janet

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