Seven Rainy Day Garden Activities

Seven Rainy Day Garden Activities

It is pouring here at the coast! I hope the weather is a little better where you are. It’s about that time (shudder) and there are some things you may want to do to prepare your garden for fall. Don’t put it away yet-we still may have some harvesting days left. But shelter right now can be key.

  1. If you hear of storm coming, pick the tomatoes that have started to ripen. This will prevent splitting. Better to ripen them the rest of the way in paper bag with an apple.
  2. Vegetables under ground, like carrots and onions, are usually fine with storms.
  3. Check stake stability and plant health after rain showers and storms.
  4. Plant cold weather crops such as lettuce, kale, radishes, peas, cabbage, swiss chard, beets, carrots, eggplant, broccoli, spinach, etc. Shelter young plants.
  5. Cover larger plants if needed to shelter from storms and cold.
  6. Your plants here in the NW may not need watering when it rains a couple days a week. Feel soil to see amount of saturation and don’t water unless the soil is dry.
  7. Don’t worry-the sun will come out again soon!
  • Frugal Wench
    Posted at 05:12h, 12 October Reply

    Nice advice. Our summers in SW Florida are the “rainy season”, and not many veggies will survive the heat and rains. Cherry tomatoes are the only ones that will bear, still, during one “el nino” year I had to learn to make green cherry tomato pickles because it was raining so much they were just splitting and dropping onto the ground! You should have seen me out in my raincoat and galoshes (yes, I still have galoshes) trying to pick them! It didn’t stop raining for two weeks. I have a very deep drainage ditch behind my house, and the water was over the top, out into the street. I laughed and said that my property value was going up, because I now had waterfront property.

  • Flora
    Posted at 13:36h, 13 October Reply

    ICK! Yes, that’s exactly what my cherry tomatoes are doing too. I was SO upset when we had our first freeze the other day. Was a limited season here where I live and it always makes me sad but am going to grow some inside veggies this year. Thanks for reading and commenting. ~Flora P.S. Galoshes are GOOD and SO is waterfront property. Grin!

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