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Yolanda Burrell

Urban farmer, owner and founder of Pollinate Farm & Garden

Yolanda Burrell is a mother/wife, entrepreneur and urban farmer. An avid do-it-herselfer, she is at home at her own Oakland California homestead where she and her family keep chickens, bees, and learn about permaculture principles on their large urban lot, growing much of their own food. Yolanda is owner and founder of Pollinate Farm & Garden, an award-winning edible plant nursery and urban farm store with a twist: Pollinate provides supplies and know-how for seed-to-table organic farming and gardening, food preservation, artisanal food crafting, small scale livestock raising and beekeeping. They teach the “hows” and “whys” of DIY Food. Through its educational outreach and local workshops, Pollinate is dedicated to safe, accessible food by teaching the benefits of growing it at home or in shared community spaces and encouraging healthy, seasonal eating. Learn more by visiting

Garden 101: Preserving Our Vital Pollinators

Backyard Beekeeping Basics

Pollinators are essential to our environment, necessary for the reproduction of 85% of the world’s plant species and essential to our food supply. But populations of some common pollinators have declined by 90% in the past two decades. Learn how you can help! Local author Paige Embry talks about our beeswho they are and how to recognize them. She’ll also share ways you can help bees both locally, by modifying your garden, and globally, by participating in citizen science projects like the Great Sunflower Project. Yolanda Burrell, owner of Pollinator Farm & Garden, shows how you can become a bee keeper. And finally NWF naturalist and NatGeo WILD host David Mizejewski shares how you can plant a beautiful garden that also helps declining pollinators.

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 2:15 pm / Rainier Room

Gateway Livestock: Chickens and Bees

Chickens and bees are the “gateway livestock” for urban homesteaders. Together they add a lot of value to a beautiful and functional urban farm site. In this overview you’ll learn what it takes to successfully integrate chickens and bees into your environment, and how to make the best use of their natural behaviors to improve your food production. Topics include hive and coop placement; tools and safety equipment; and care and maintenance requirements.

Thursday, Feb 8 at 4:15 pm / Hood Room