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Toni Gattone

Master Gardener and owner, Toni Gattone & Associates

Toni Gattone’s passion for gardening began in Chicago in her grandfather’s backyard, but it wasn’t until she moved to Northern California that her passion began to bloom. Everything Toni has done in her career has brought her to being a garden speaker and writer. Early in her career, she taught presentation skills to senior executives to get over the fear of speaking. She served on the Northern California Board of Directors as Program Chair for the National Speakers Association and presented “The Power of Visual Presentations” at the NSA convention to 500 professional speakers. In 1990, Toni’s entrepreneurial spirit, inspired by her gardening passion, took over and she left the corporate world to start Toni Gattone & Associates, a wholesale sales organization in the garden industry. Toni became a Master Gardener in 2011, and was the co-chair their Public Seminars committee. Toni began presenting seminars on edible landscaping and edibles in containers but her latest seminar, “You Can Garden For Life,” is by far her favorite because of the positive impact it is having on gardeners. Toni and her gardener husband, Tim King, live in Larkspur CA where they have converted their traditional ornamental front yard, into an incredible adapted edible landscape. 

You Can Garden for Life! With Adaptive Gardening

Are you one of the 78 million Baby Boomers becoming seniors? Do you have physical limitations that keep you from working in your garden comfortably and safely? If so, this informative and inspirational Adaptive Gardening seminar delivers dozens of tips and techniques and demonstrates modified and ergonomic tools that will enable you to adapt and be resilient when your body doesn’t work the way it used to, so you can garden for life.

Friday, Feb 24 at 3:00 pm / Hood Room

The Movable Feast: Growing Great Edibles in Containers

Growing edibles in containers is easier than you think and taste good too! Combine them in an artful collection of interesting re-purposed containers, you will give your garden beds, patios and balconies a unique visual punch. Because containers are ultimately moveable, you can capture more sun as it changes from season to season. And speaking of moving, your body will love your containers because you can maintain and harvest your edible feast, without bending over.

Saturday, Feb 25 at 11:15 pm / Hood Room