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Darcy Daniels

Designer and owner, Bloomtown Gardens and founder, eGardenGo

Darcy Daniels of Bloomtown™ Gardens and founder of eGardenGo™ has been designing gardens and helping people connect with outdoor spaces for over 15 years. She’s well known for her rich, textual plantings and creative use of small spaces. Her gardens have been featured in many publications, including Sunset, Fine Gardening, Better Homes & Gardens, Oregon Home, and The Oregonian’s Homes and Gardens Northwest, and more. Darcy’s home garden and client gardens have been included in numerous local, regional and national garden tours, including those organized by the national Garden Writers Association (GWA), and the Association of Northwest Landscape Designers (ANLD). Darcy is passionate about plants and helping gardeners succeed and to connect with their creative selves. Recently, she launched eGardenGo, a web app for gardeners that helps you get inspired, stay organized, and take your garden to the next level. She is a member of ANLD, Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), GWA, and a past board member and longtime member of Hardy Plant Society of Oregon (HPSO).


Choosing Plants: Do the Math

Often, when designing a garden, before deciding on a specific plant, you think what you want the plant to do; qualities it must have. Or you start with a specific plant, and find its best partners. At first, you have many possibilities; later, very few. The key is to start: start somewhere, anywhere. With this seminar you’ll discover fresh ideas and a new framework for thinking about how to solve the puzzling situations you encounter in your own gardens.

Plants with Purpose

Rarely is it a plant’s job to just look pretty. In most gardens plants are assigned more rigorous responsibilities: work hard in harsh conditions; provide groundcover for erosion control; perform in withering heat with little water; or to provide structure. To be successful, you need plants with different skills, characteristics, and abilities. Understanding what you need is the first step; then you pare down all the candidates to a few plants you can ‘hire’ to do the job at hand.