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Nirav Peterson

Healthy soil evangelist, founder and President, Hendrikus Organics

Nirav Peterson is President of Hendrikus Organics, an emerging powerhouse in the organic agriculture-health movement nationwide. As the force behind Hendrikus Organics, and the Hendrikus Group, “business growth”, she says, “must forward personal and community growth by making people, cities, and the world healthier.” But she is so much more. Known for her many appearances on “Gardening with Ciscoe,” Nirav is a visionary, a bellwether to trends in organic agriculture. She is a keen strategist creating non-profits groups like the International Compost Tea Council and an innovator in developing the product line of Hendrikus Organics, originated by Hendrikus, which are now being used in diverse projects from the tropics to urban cities. Passionate about the interconnectedness of all life, the relationship of our soils and high nutritional organics, she teaches how we can improve our vitality and retain our youthfulness regardless of age. For aspiring, health conscious women she serves as an empowering mentor. Most uniquely however, Nirav herself, at 69, is the very image of the vitality she speaks so passionately about. Part German, part Cherokee, an award winning reining horse competitor, passionate about her vegetable garden, she inspires people of all ages.

Hendrikus Schraven

Healthy soil evangelist and founder, Hendrikus Group and Hendrikus Organics

President of Hendrikus Group, Hendrikus Schraven is a splendid paradox: innovator, designer, pragmatist and persuasive philosopher, all in one. With a strong European background in old school organic farming, construction and craftsmanship, combined with an approach that integrates modern innovation and science, his ability to work with the soil and nature has granted him an insight into how to work with nature successfully and sustainably that few have. He has won over 60 awards for environmental excellence, developed performance soils for erosion, landscapes and vegetable gardens; formulated his own brand of premium organic fertilizers and soil amendments (Hendrikus Organics); as well as consulting in the US, China and Europe on soil restorations. Hendrikus is an impassioned, cutting-edge, soil-to- health activist, as he empowers people towards better health from our connection to the soil. He has appeared regularly on “Gardening with Ciscoe” and the Kauai Community Radio Garden show, plus interviews with Rich Roll Podcasts and Dr. Mercola, imparting methods and ways to deepen your understanding and relationship with your soil and garden, and improve your own vitality.

Visit Hendrikus Organics, booth #2901 near the entrance to the Seminar Rooms, on Thursday and Friday at the show.

Grow Your Health: The True Taste of Vitality

Using both new science and age-old methods, Hendrikus and Nirav will discuss the importance of nutrient density in edibles, and how that directly relates to your soil and your health. They will cover the true meaning of flavor, texture and vitality of the plant and how it links from the soil to your health. Learn the building blocks to soil performance and how to optimize the nutrition and vitality in all the edibles and herbs you grow.

Friday, Feb 24 at 12:30 pm / Hood Room

Soil Mastery: The Key to Growing Outrageously Nutritious Plants

Learn how to master the craft of soil making and determine what is truly going on with your own soil. Hendrikus and Nirav will share their innovative techniques for crafting soils that boost nutritional edibles as well as solving common soil problems. Gain a new understanding of the critical role of soil to our health and how to produce high nutritional edibles wherever you garden—containers, raised beds or rows, rooftops or urban farms.

Thursday, Feb 23 at 4:15 pm / Hood Room