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Sam Benowitz

Fruit tree expert and owner, Raintree Nursery

Sam Benowitz is the owner of Raintree Nursery and has been for 45 years. He is founder and past president of the Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation. He is a member of the Garden Writers Association. He authored, with Theresa Knutsen, an article on growing Fruit in Containers in Fine Gardening Magazine. He provided valuable information for the Sunset Western Garden Book and to gardening books by Ed Hume. He is a longtime guest of Ciscoe Morris and has appeared on regional and national gardening programs and blogs. He is a speaker on fruit growing and has given talks in California, Alaska, Kansas, Oklahoma and elsewhere to Master Gardeners and other garden groups.

Visit Raintree Nursery, booth #2333 in the Plant Market, at this year’s show.

Start Your Fruit Trees and Berries Off Right

You want to add more fruit in your life – in your garden! But how do you go about that? Fruit tree expert Sam Benowitz will show you how to pick out strong fruiting plants at the nursery, when and how to plant them and care for them, and what to do for the first year to get them off to a great start. Everything from proper watering to selecting the best rootstock and variety for your unique conditions will be covered.

Saturday, Feb 10 at 3:15 pm / DIY Stage