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Robin Haglund

Garden coach, speaker, writer and president, Garden Mentors® Inc.

Robin Haglund is the founder and president of pioneering garden coaching firm Garden Mentors®, which thrives on empowering others in their personal garden spaces. Robin is an HGTV, NWFGS, WALP, and WSNLA award-winning designer, a down-to-earth speaker, a popular writer and a frequent garden television and podcasting expert guest and contributor. Her popular articles, videos, and seminars are infused with vibrant anecdotes derived from her childhood on the farm and in the big city, her daily adventures with pollinators, pets & wildlife in the natural world, and her garden coaching experiences teaching successful gardening practices to beginner and professional gardeners alike. Robin’s garden coaching methods, design insights, seed-to-fork solutions, tips for gardening with pets, and her experiences with urban beekeeping and homesteading are featured in several media sources including The New York Times, Sunset, The Seattle Times, Organic Gardening, PBS’s “Growing a Greener World”, HGTV’s “Landscaper’s Challenge”, Living HomeGrown Podcast, and the Garden Mentors® Garden Help Blog, A Dry Rain Podcast, MSN, and several books.

Garden 101: Preserving Our Vital Pollinators

So You Want to Keep Bees?

Pollinators are essential to our environment, necessary for the reproduction of 85% of the world’s plant species and essential to our food supply. But populations of some common pollinators have declined by 90% in the past two decades. Learn how you can help! NWF naturalist and NatGeo WILD host David Mizejewski shares how you can plant a beautiful garden that also helps declining pollinators. Robin Haglund will share her experiences on the trials and tribulations of beekeeping. And finally, local author Paige Embry talks about our native beeswho they are and how to recognize them. She’ll also share ways you can help bees both locally, by modifying your garden, and globally, by participating in citizen science projects like the Great Sunflower Project

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 2:45 pm / Rainier Room

Retire into Your Garden with Ease

As we age, the simple gardening tasks of our youth may now become daunting chores. Learning to plan, design, build and maintain simpler gardens & gardening lifestyles can still mean you have gorgeous, enjoyable outdoor spaces. Learn about great tools for debilitated or aging bodies, easy-care plants that add Wow!, and other tips for less-aches-more-ahhs in your garden – whether you’re young or old, a veteran gardener or the newly aspiring green thumb who just wants easier ways to garden.

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 7:00 pm / Rainier Room

GARDEN 101: Win The War on Weeds

Is That a Weed or What?

Weeds—every garden has them; every gardener wants to get rid of them. In this must-see seminar three garden pros tell you how to ID your weeds, how to prevent them, and even how to eat them! Garden coach Robin Haglund helps you prioritize and tackle removing true weeds from the “naughty naturalizers” that are native weeds. Author Mary-Kate Mackey talks about living mulches—beautiful groundcovers that will work with your existing plants to hold moisture and block unwanted weeds. Finally, designer Jessi Bloom gives you the ultimate guide to getting a grip on your weeds—eating them. She will also be sharing ideas on how to make the most of them, as medicinal and culinary herbs. No matter what your weed problems are, here are three seminars that will get you closer to winning the war on weeds!

Sunday, Feb 11 at 2:15 pm / Rainier Room