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Robin Haglund

Garden coach, speaker, writer and president, Garden Mentors® Inc.

Robin Haglund is the founder and president of pioneering garden coaching firm Garden Mentors®, which thrives on empowering others in their personal garden spaces. Robin is an HGTV, NWFGS, WALP, and WSNLA award-winning designer, a down-to-earth speaker, a popular writer and a frequent garden television expert guest and contributor. Her popular articles, videos, and seminars are infused with vibrant anecdotes derived from her childhood on the farm, her daily adventures with pollinators and pets in the garden, her promising forays into growing and cooking crops for better blood sugar management, and her garden coaching experiences teaching successful gardening practices to beginner and professional gardeners alike. Robin’s garden coaching methods, design insights, seed-to-fork solutions, tips for gardening with pets, and her experiences with urban beekeeping are featured in several media sources including Organic Gardening Magazine, The New York Times, PBS’s “Growing a Greener World”, Sunset Magazine, HGTV’s “Landscaper’s Challenge”, The Seattle Times, Garden Mentors® Garden Help Blog, A Dry Rain Podcast, Fiskars Gardening Experts, MSN, and Dog Park Wisdom.

Garden 101: Don’t Let Moving Scare the Plants Out of You!

Get Ready: Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Selling a beloved garden or buying a new home and garden can be overwhelming. Whether you’re up-sizing, downsizing or buying your first home, don’t forget the garden! Robin Haglund helps you make wise choices as you say good-bye to your garden, and hello to your new garden. Sue Goetz next shares advice for prepping your old garden for sale, and how to make your new garden truly yours. Finally Christina Salwitz shares the right questions to ask about your future landscape and how it can fit with your goals for both maintenance and enjoyment.

Wednesday, Feb 22 at 2:15 pm / Rainier Room

Garden 101: The Best Damn Garden Advice Ever!

Tools and Tips to Make Gardening Life Easier

Plants die. Weeds won’t die. Your “home remedies” make things worse. You keep repeating the same chores—but want better results! Never fear—Robin Haglund, Mary-Kate Mackey and Linda Chalker-Scott are coming to your rescue! Robin covers useful tools, actions to save your body, and unnecessary chores to jettison. Mary-Kate presents a collection of tough Northwest survivors that will carry on despite the challenges you throw at them. And Linda will discuss those infamous “home remedies,” suggesting alternatives to use that will actually be beneficial.

Thursday, Feb 23 at 2:45 pm / Rainier Room

Container Wars

Inspired by our hugely popular “Garden Wars,” we’re taking the battle to container gardening, perfect for patios, decks and balconies. Drawing from identical plant materials, Robin Haglund ‘competes’ against Jessi Bloom as they each create 3 gorgeous containers—all in under an hour! Working against the clock, and with fun “challenges” thrown at them by Master of Ceremonies Marianne Binetti, see how Robin pulls together plants and shares her tips for designing luscious container gardens.

Sunday, Feb 26 at 11:00 am / Garden Wars Arena