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Richie Steffen

Director/Curator, Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden and co-author, Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns

To say Richie Steffen is enthusiastic (or some might say obsessed) with plants would definitely be an understatement! He turned a budding passion as a youngster into a career that took him onto the Pacific Northwest horticultural stage. His entertaining lectures and classes will have you, too, perusing nurseries in search of plants from around the world. His plant knowledge is virtually encyclopedic making Richie the go-to guy for those wondering the name of a plant. He is involved in a wide range of organizations devoted to plants including the Northwest Horticultural Society and Hard Fern Foundation. Indeed, his love of ferns sent him on a journey to write The Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns, (Timber Press, 2015) with co-author Sue Olsen. Richie is currently the Director/Curator for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden where he oversees the Garden, rare plant collections, and heads acquisition of unique new plants. He also supervises the primary educational program of the Miller Garden: Great Plant Picks. GPP is committed to building a comprehensive palette of outstanding and reliable plants for maritime Pacific Northwest gardens.

Visit Great Plant Picks, booth #2164 in the North Hall, at this year’s show and pick up your gorgeous new GPP poster!


Container Wars

Back by popular demand, we’ve lined up leading designers to “battle it out” in our highly acclaimed “Container Wars.” Containers can go virtually anywhere—patios, decks and balconies or even in the garden! Drawing from identical plant materials, Miller Botanical Garden Curator Richie Steffen will ‘compete’ against NW gardening icon Ciscoe Morris as they each create 3 gorgeous containers—all in under an hour! It’s a rematch from last year—who will be the winner? Working against the clock, and with fun “challenges” thrown at them by Master of Ceremonies Marianne Binetti, see how they pull together plants and share their tips for designing luscious container gardens. Learning about plants has never been so fun!

Friday, Feb 9 at 11:00 am / Designer’s Arena

Great Plant Picks: Must-have Plants for Beautiful Containers

It is hard not to love container gardening. Containers of all sizes, colors and shapes add pizazz and beauty into any size patio or balcony, and with thoughtful selection can offer years of enjoyment. Learn about some of the best container plants and great techniques for making beautiful combinations. The Great Plant Picks education program highlights plants that are especially well adapted to our climate and provide a long season of interest. Even better, these are plants that have been vetted by the experts and are available in local nurseries!

Friday, Feb 9 at 1:45 pm / Hood Room / Book signing to follow