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Randy Ritchie

Founder, Malibu Compost LLC

Randy Ritchie is passionate about compost, which led him to found Malibu Compost, LLC in 2009. The company makes certified organic and biodynamic compost on farms in Northern, CA and St. Paul, Oregon. Malibu Compost’s farmers strive to nurture their land and animals amidst an environment of increasingly massive factory farms. This has led the family, friends and farmers to help protect the environment through the use of Biodynamic principles. Their motto: Sustaining people, sustaining planet, sustaining commerce. Malibu Compost strives to be ecologically and socially responsible in everything they do because healing our world means fixing every part of it. Randy has made many media appearances and the company has been featured in Sunset and Organic Gardening magazines and the Malibu Times. It has won awards, including the National Sales Excellence Award in 2012 and the Product of the Year Award in 2014. Randy speaks throughout the West Coast about compost and organic gardening, including the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, Canncon, and the West Seattle SummerFest. Randy has a BA in Communications from Pepperdine University and lives and composts his garden in sunny southern California.


The Compost Tea Party: Compost Teas for Every Garden

Have you heard how beneficial compost tea is for your garden? How about making your own? This seminar will demonstrate how to make and apply compost teas. Many of the steps will be demonstrated, with key points discussed. All of the supplies and ingredients you’ll need will be on stage, with different plants to show different applications. A handout will list supplies, ingredients, tea recipes and helpful resources. You’ll leave uttering the phrase, “It’s tea time!”

Sunday, Feb 21 at 11:45 am / DIY Stage