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Patricia Ruff

Owner, Rocky Bay Garden Creations

Born and raised in the land of tulips (Holland), Patricia has an inherited love for anything flowering or green. She also lived in Japan for two years before moving to the USA, which gave her the opportunity to observe many Japanese gardens for inspiration. When some physical limitations asked for a career change by the end 2015, Patricia launched her home-based business, Rocky Bay Garden Creations. She designs, makes and sells Kokedama, hypertufa planters and preserved moss art and other creations, and continues to explore & learn. She enjoys all things gardening & design, teaching DIY classes, photography and animals. In 2017 Patricia created a City-Living balcony garden on the skybridge and won 3 awards—Best Plant Material, Best Sanctuary, and the Peoples’ Choice Award. She was profiled in the July/Aug 2017 issue of West Sound Home & Garden magazine. Her work will also be featured in a summer 2018 edition of Country Gardens. Patricia and her husband live on their 5-acre farm with their “furry kids” in Gig Harbor, WA.

Chance Justbe

Botanical Artist and owner of happenstantials

Chance is an autodidact of the horticulture industry. He’s a repurposer with a purpose, featuring a multitude of salvaged and reclaimed items in his garden art creations. Chance has spent the majority of his adult life in Alaska on a remote thirteen-acre farm embracing a permaculture lifestyle. This learned knowledge carried over to his new home in Seattle, where he currently is delving into the vast realm of moss and ferns. Using real life experience and hands-on knowledge of mosses, combined with his deep respect of Japanese gardening, Chance has taken to Kokedama and wants to bring this living art to the masses. A GrowIt Mobile Plant Master, Chance is an active online gardening community member who enjoys sharing his artistic-repurposing abilities along with plant photography skills. As such, Chance was honored to be selected by GrowIt to represent them at the 2017 NWFGS TweetUp. He whole heartedly believes that every plant has its place, every object has its use, and loves integrating these ideas into concepts of Extreme Naturalism.

Beautiful Botanical Gifts with Hand-crafted Kokedama

Say ‘thank you’ by gifting easy to grow plants which are rooted in a burlap wrapped ‘soil ball’ and accented in personalized ways—the art of Kokedama. This step-by-step demonstration is easy to follow and suitable for novice and crafty gardeners of all ages. It will cover the best plant selections, soil and materials needed. Kokedama is fun, easy and can be used as a group-activity and customized for many occasions, such as wedding favors, birthday gift, kid’s parties, and other celebrations.

Friday, Feb 9 at 5:00 pm / DIY Stage