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Nan Sterman

TV host of ‘A Growing Passion’ and author, Hot Colors, Dry Gardens

Nan Sterman is a self-admitted plant nerd who more often has dirty fingernails than painted fingernails. Nan hosts, produces and writes the award winning public TV and on-line show, “A Growing Passion,” which celebrates the “growing” world of plants in farms and nurseries, backyards and schoolyards, and native habitats. Nan is dedicated to the transformation of planted landscapes from overly thirsty and resource intensive to climate appropriate and sustainable. Her efforts combine age-old techniques with modern technologies. Nan has worked towards this goal since the 1970s when she was involved in the first wave of the sustainability movement. She was trained at the Integral Urban House, a demonstration retrofit Victorian home in Berkeley, California. She then earned a botany degree from Duke University, a Masters in biology from UC Santa Barbara, and a Masters in instructional design from San Diego State University. Nan is the author of California Gardener’s Guide Vol. II and Waterwise Plants of the Southwest, as well as countless magazine and newspaper articles and blog posts. Her next book, Hot Colors, Dry Gardens, will be released by Timber Press in the fall of 2016. Nan speaks, teaches, and writes about low water, sustainable and edible gardening, all of which she designs for client’s homes and school gardens. Nan also leads international tours to visit the world’s most beautiful gardens.


Bye-Bye Grass: Easy Approaches to Replace Your Lawn

Lawn grasses are quickly becoming passé and for good reason — they take more water, more fertilizer, more upkeep, are responsible for more green waste (thus more greenhouse gases) than almost any other garden plants. And because we put so many products onto grass, it is a major source of water pollution. Discover several methods for ridding home gardens of lawn (or at least reducing it) and easy approaches for replacing lawn with more sustainable gardens.

Saturday, Feb 20 at 12:30 pm / Hood Room / Book signing to follow

California Dreaming: Touring the Golden State’s Most Celebrated Gardens

California is home to a stunning array of gardens, and now you can ‘tour’ a selection of acclaimed public gardens — Filoli, Hearst Castle and Lotusland — as well as best kept secrets: a private garden featuring an African savannah; the colorful trial garden of Renee Shepherd, owner of Renee’s Garden Seeds; Post Ranch Inn, the farm-to-table garden in Big Sur; Lone Pine Arboretum’s stunning Mediterranean garden; and the 300+ acre botanical garden Taft Garden in Ojai.

Sunday, Feb 21 at 12:30 pm / Hood Room / Book signing to follow