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Mark Brody

Artist, art educator and author, Mosaic Garden Projects

Every gardener is a planner, a scheduler and a designer. But not every gardener knows that a garden can be in colorful bloom 12 months a year. Well, the garden that contains colorful mosaic on paths and fences, containers and tables, is a garden that stays in bloom all year long! In 2015, author and artist Mark Brody published Mosaic Garden Projects: Add Color to Your Garden with Tables, Fountains, Bird Baths, and More (Timber Press, 2015), a how-to book with 25 different mosaic projects to add the hand-made touch to any garden, an best seller. In this book, Mark shows that the techniques and traditions of mosaic are not really that far from the skill-set of the gardener. Perhaps the best thing about the book is that it has ready-to-go templates to help get the project started! In his book and during this demonstration, Mark will demonstrate the techniques, tools and step-by-step processes to make a variety of outdoor mosaic. He will show the ease of using certain new materials, and why you would choose those over many outdated but readily available products. He will talk about climate challenges and limitations for safely placing artwork in the outdoors. Finally, he will open the talk up to the audience to hear their questions about their mosaic concept (or failure!) that they would like to share.


Mosaic Garden Beauty: Getting Started on 2D Mosaic Art

Artist Mark Brody will demonstrate the proper cutting techniques for both glass and ceramic tiles; finish the tile-laying of a 2D mosaic stepping-stone or fence-hanging mosaic; demonstrate the setting process in thin-set mortar; and discuss how mosaics will perform in different climates. For the big finish, Mark will daringly show how to lift an entire 12 x 12” mosaic in the air by contact paper alone, and confidently set it on the prepared substrate in adhesive (100’s of tessarae at once!)

Wednesday, Feb 22 at 6:45 pm / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow

Mosaic Garden Beauty: Making 3D Mosaic Art

This seminar steps it up a notch: 3-D art. Mark will show the more advanced techniques of setting mosaic on a 3D surface. He’ll describe and demonstrate the proper cutting techniques for both glass and ceramic tiles; how to use the sticky mesh/contact paper combination again for certain areas; demonstrate the ‘direct method’ of tiling; and discuss how mosaic perform in different climates. Even experienced mosaic fans are bound to learn new techniques to improve their skill level!

Thursday, Feb 23 at 10:00 am / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow