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Joseph Tychonievich

Author, Rock Gardening and Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener

Joseph Tychonievich is a Michigan based freelance writer and speaker. He earned a BS in Horticulture from Ohio State University and worked at Shibamichi Honten nursery in Saitama Japan and as nursery manager at Arrowhead Alpines in Michigan. He is the author of Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener: How to Create Unique Vegetables and Flowers (Timber Press, 2013), and his latest book, Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style, just released by Timber Press in November, 2016. Joseph writes regularly for Michigan Gardener Magazine have written for Fine Gardening. He has been a frequent guest on public radio’s “The Splendid Table,” Ken Druse’s podcast “Real Dirt” and Margaret Roach’s podcast “Away To Garden.”


Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener

Plant breeding, the art of creating new varieties of plants, may seem like some high-tech, complex process, but in reality it is as old as gardening itself and accessible to any gardener. In this seminar you will learn a little of the history of plant breeding, the processes used to create the new plants you love at the garden center, and the simple techniques you too can use to start creating your very own varieties of plants in your back yard.

Thursday, Feb 23 at 1:45 pm / Hood Room / Book signing to follow

Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style

Growing tiny plants among rocks is a classic style of gardening that is undergoing a revival. Rock gardening is water-wise, perfect for today’s small gardens and busy schedules, and aesthetically fresh and innovative. This seminar will give you a guided tour through great rock gardens around the US and UK, introduce you to some of the many great rock garden plants, and give you the skills and information needed to design and build a beautiful rock garden of your own.

Friday, Feb 24 at 10:00 am / Hood Room / Book signing to follow