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Jackie Kramer

Floral photographer and instructor based in Alaska and Florida

Jackie Kramer is a photographer most widely known for her floral imagery. At an early age, she identified with the world through artistic means and began oil painting her favorite subjects, birds and flowers, and added photography when she received her first Nikormat film camera at age 16. Though her work has expanded over the years to include weddings and portraits, Jackie has remained an avid floral photographer. Jackie teaches classes on subjects from Macro to Posing workshops. In 2016 she was an instructor at Florida’s Birding & Photo Fest and taught classes on floral photography and also sold-out photo-tours through historic places of worship and cemeteries. Jackie leads floral photography tours through the gardens of Victoria, B.C. and is planning to repeat this in 2017, along with the addition of another five-day workshop/tour through the Pacific Northwest. Jackie facilitates an international network of almost 800 photographers in her online group, Phlorography – Artistic Floral Images. Flowers, being a universal language, have served as the focal point to bring people together with a common love for floral photography. Jackie has also been very involved in gardening and, until recently, has had a garden in Alaska for approximately 25 years.

Visit Jackie Kramer Photography, pop-up booth #2903 near the seminar entrance, on Thursday and Friday at this year’s show.

Your Garden from a Floral Photographer’s Perspective

From a photographer’s point of view, every gardener grows a masterpiece. Join Jackie as she takes you through some private gardens where she gets to know as much about the gardeners as she does about their plants. After hearing Jackie’s talk, you will walk away forever imagining the “masterpieces” in your own gardens and never look at them the same again.

Thursday, Feb 23 at 7:00 pm / Rainier Room