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David Mizejewski

Naturalist at National Wildlife Federation and author, Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife

David Mizejewski is a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation and host of the NatGeo WILD series Pet Talk. He holds a degree in Human and Natural Ecology from Emory University and is an expert on restoring wildlife habitat by creating wildlife-friendly gardens. David works to promote the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife program, which encourages people to plant native plants, to garden naturally, and to Certify their yards and gardens as wildlife habitats. He is the author of the how-to book Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife, which won the Publisher’s Marketing Association Benjamin Franklin Award. He’s also a Contributing Editor to Birds and Blooms magazine and blogger for In addition to appearing on NatGeo WILD, David also hosted “Backyard Habitat” on Animal Planet, a series that showed people how to create wildlife-friendly gardens. He regularly appears on the Today Show, Conan O’Brien, CNN, HGTV, The Wendy Williams Show, Weather Channel, Inside Edition and NPR. Originally from New Jersey, David now lives in Washington, DC. He is dedicated to using his knowledge and his enthusiasm to help others understand and protect wildlife.


GARDEN 101: Preserving Our Vital Pollinators

Saving Pollinators One Garden at a Time

Pollinators are essential to our environment, necessary for the reproduction of 85% of the world’s plant species and essential to our food supply. But populations of some common pollinators have declined by 90% in the past two decades. Learn how you can help! NWF naturalist and NatGeo WILD host David Mizejewski shares how you can plant a beautiful garden that also helps declining pollinators. Robin Haglund will share her experiences on the trials and tribulations of beekeeping. And finally, local author Paige Embry talks about our native beeswho they are and how to recognize them. She’ll also share ways you can help bees both locally, by modifying your garden, and globally, by participating in citizen science projects like the Great Sunflower Project

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 2:15 pm / Rainier Room / Book signing to follow

Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife

One of the joys of gardening is creating a beautiful, natural space that you and the backyard wildlife can enjoy. David loves sharing about creating wildlife-friendly gardens. Discover the four components of habitat – food, water, shelter and places to raise young, how to observe and enjoy wildlife and avoid critter-conflicts, the vital role of native plants in the garden, and tips sustainable gardening practices. Learn how to have your garden recognized as an official “Certified Wildlife Habitat.”

Thursday, Feb 8 at 6:45 pm / Hood Room / Book signing to follow