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David A. Bainbridge

Irrigation specialist and author, Gardening with Less Water

David grew up in Winthrop, WA and was educated in Earth Sciences (BA) and Ecology (MS). He started research and consulting in dryland restoration and irrigation in 1981 and continued this work at UC Riverside, San Diego State and Alliant International University until retiring in 2010. His special focus was on understanding root development and irrigation. His latest book, Gardening with Less Water was published in December 2015 by Storey Publishing. His work on these super-efficient irrigation systems began more than thirty years ago when he started searching for low-tech high efficiency irrigation techniques suitable for remote sites and environmental restoration. David is also the author of A Guide to Desert and Dryland Restoration (Island Press, 2007) and more than 100 papers and reports on irrigation, dryland and desert restoration, agriculture and agroforestry. He continues to work on irrigation research and education and true cost accounting. In 1991 he coauthored the groundbreaking book Sustainable Agriculture for California: A Guide to Information (UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources). An accomplished speaker, he has also won awards for teaching, research and institutional impact as well as professional awards for innovations in design and planning.


Beyond Drip: Super-efficient Irrigation

The problem of water shortage continues to increase — both locally and globally. The need to grow more food with less water is more important every day. Climate change is expected to increase drought severity in many areas of the world and we are seeing this already in the Western U.S. While most gardeners have not heard about many super-efficient irrigation techniques, they can reduce water use dramatically, minimize weeds, increase plant health and yield and speed maturation.

Sunday, Feb 21 at 1:00 pm / Rainier Room / Book signing to follow