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Dave Hunter

Founder and owner of Crown Bees and co-author, The Mason Bee Revolution

Dave Hunter is the founder and owner of Crown Bees, the world’s largest mason bee company. He works with both worldwide researchers for best insight as well as directly pollinating bees in gardens and orchards. He is also the founder of the nonprofit commercial organization Orchard Bee Association. Dave recently co-authored Mason Bee Revolution: How the Hardest Working Bee Can Save the World One Backyard at a Time (Mountaineers Books, 2016). He is a regular speaker to many conventions and has been featured in podcasts and radio programs.


The Mason Bee Revolution: Preserving Our Food Supply One Garden at a Time

Apiarist Dave Hunter is passionate about bees of all kinds – but especially the hard-working but underappreciated diminutive Mason Bee. He will share the assumptions we have with honey bees, compare this sophisticated insect with the gentler, solitary Mason Bees, and then provide gardeners with “how to’s” for success with both mason and leafcutter bees. You’ll discover differences between the honey-making bees and their superior pollinating cousins, the Mason bee.

Wednesday, Feb 22 at 5:45 pm / Rainier Room / Book signing to follow