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Darcy Daniels

Founder of eGardenGo and designer, Bloomtown® Gardens

Darcy Daniels is a Pacific Northwest-based garden designer with Bloomtown® Gardens and the creator of eGardenGo. She’s been designing gardens with Bloomtown® since 2001 and is well known for her rich, textual plantings and creative use of small spaces. Her gardens have been featured in many publications, including Sunset, Fine Gardening, Better Homes & Gardens, Pacific Horticulture, Garden Design online, and more. Darcy created eGardenGo in response to questions and concerns she heard throughout the years she’s spent designing gardens and consulting with gardeners. A product of her passion for plants and for helping gardeners be more confident in their garden-making efforts, the website is designed to help gardeners unlock the secrets of making successful planting combinations and connect with their most creative selves. An easy-to-use online database filled with plant profiles and professionally curated garden combinations allows users to browse the site’s extensive library of images by foliage, texture, and form to create beautiful gardens that will delight all year long. She’s a member of ANLD, GWA, and a longtime member and past board member of HPSO.

Beyond Pinterest: Unlocking the Secrets Behind the Pretty Picture

Who doesn’t love flipping through gorgeous garden images? They’re inspiring, fun and pretty to look at—but ultimately not very helpful. Darcy will help you break the code, giving you the tools to translate the pretty pictures into tangible garden plans using an innovative method that relies on asking the right questions in the right order to define your site conditions, tease out your garden needs, and evaluate possible plant partners. The result: an artful, site-specific composition of plants that you’ll love growing.

Friday, Feb 9 at 10:00 am / Hood Room