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Christina Pfeiffer

Horticulturist, arborist and co-author, Pacific Northwest Gardening Month-by-Month

Christina is a horticulture consultant, instructor and garden writer with over 35 years’ experience in landscape management and arboriculture. Sustainable and efficient landscape techniques are a special area of interest and expertise. She has written a newly released Pacific Northwest Gardening Month-by-Month (Cool Springs Press, 2017) with Mary Robson. In addition to her private practice, she is a consulting associate with Urban Forestry Services, Inc. and an active volunteer with local community garden projects. She previously led landscape management efforts for the Holden Arboretum and Washington Park Arboretum. A frequent horticultural speaker, Christina has taught courses in pruning, arboriculture, and landscape management at Edmonds and South Seattle Community Colleges, and at the University of Washington. Christina has been a member of the Washington Park Arboretum Bulletin editorial board since 2002. She holds degrees in horticulture from Michigan State and the University of Washington and is an ISA Certified Arborist®.


Flowering Shrubs: Pruning to Maximize Bloom and Beauty

Shrubs never grow naturally in the shape of a box, so why do you see so many of them? Learning how to prune shrubs is vital for a beautiful, natural landscape—and shrub health. Christina will demonstrate the timing and techniques for pruning different types of flowering shrubs for optimal blooms and year-round appearance. Learn how to prune to manage size and to how to rejuvenate shrubs that are blooming poorly. The value of your home’s landscape improves with well-pruned plants!

Wednesday, Feb 7 at 3:15 pm / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow

How to Prune…So You Don’t Have to Prune So Often

Pruning done correctly helps moderate return growth, is healthier for a shrub or hedge, and maintains a natural form. Pruning less often also saves labor and energy and reduces green waste volume. Pruning done incorrectly causes rapid return growth, weakens the shrub, stimulates shrubs to rapid growth, and increases your labor. The solution? Learn the simple steps to proper pruning! You’ll save time, labor and have a beautiful shrub or hedge for your efforts which increases your property values!

Thursday, Feb 8 at 10:00 am / DIY Stage / Book signing to follow