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C.L. Fornari

Radio host, author, The Cocktail Hour Garden and Coffee for Roses and blogger,

C.L. Fornari is the author six books including Coffee for Roses and The Cocktail Hour Garden. She hosts live radio programs on WXTK and WRKO every Saturday and speaks to a wide range of audiences. Her website can be found at and she blogs at She grows perennials and all manner of other plants at Poison Ivy Acres on Cape Cod.


The Cocktail Hour Garden: Evening Landscapes to Relax and Entertain

You’ve had a stressful day, the commute was a bear, and now you just want to put it all out of your mind. C.L. Fornari shares her tips on how to design a landscape for all the senses, where you can sit, decompress, and re-connect with the natural in the evening hours. Learn about plants that catch the rays of the setting sun, attract hummingbirds, deliver fragrance and provide flavorful ingredients for cocktails.

Saturday, Feb 20 at 11:45 am / Rainier Room / Book signing to follow

Home Remedies: The Good, The Bad, and the What Were You Thinking?

It can be fun to think that the answer to all your garden problems is already in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards, but are household products or homemade brews really effective in the garden? This amusing and informative talk looks at remedies that are passed over the backyard fences, through Facebook, or on Pinterest. Learn what works and what’s a waste of time…and which “solutions” are actually garden disasters.

Sunday, Feb 21 at 10:30 am / Rainier Room / Book signing to follow