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Anthony Fajarillo

Co-owner, Redwood Builders, blogger, and author, Wisdom Tree for the Digital Eden

Tony’s passion for bonsai, plants, gardening, and his natural artistic eye gave him the courage to become a landscape designer and contractor, leaving a 14-year career in mechanical engineering project management. He is a co-owner of a design-build landscape company, Redwood Builders LLC. He has installed many gardens in the Puget Sound, large and small, which includes personal gardens of two of the owners of the retail giant Nordstrom. Tony also has created many award-winning gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in the past 10 years. A self-taught bonsai hobbyist, he learned about plants and trees through books and magazines but later sought the guidance of teachers who studied bonsai from masters in Japan. His insatiable hunger for knowledge about bonsai, plants, and gardening expanded into Japanese gardens and other gardens. His blog,, has been listed as one of the best bonsai blogs by FeedSpot Blog Reader. Tony is presently finishing a new book, Wisdom Tree for the Digital Eden: Lessons from the Ancient Art of Bonsai to Survive the Digital Age, to be self-published in early 2018. He was a past Vice President of the Puget Sound Bonsai Association and is a current board officer. His 300+ year old mountain hemlock bonsai was one of the 75 bonsai trees selected from across the U.S. to be part of a ground-breaking bonsai art show during the inaugural of Artisan Cup at the Portland Art Museum in 2015.

The Ancient Art of Bonsai in the Modern World

Bonsai is an ancient Chinese horticultural practice that has been practiced for over 2,000 years. It is a miniaturized representation of nature itself; it allows you to bring nature into your home or workspace for calming enjoyment. Discover the power of the ancient art of bonsai to help you increase awareness, and to satisfy your primal desire to connect with nature in our hurried and information loaded digital world.

Friday, Feb 9 at 6:45 pm / Hood Room / Book signing to follow